Your mileage may vary


Great to see British Airways have now embraced mobile boarding – alas not on Windows Phone 7. We seem to be doing a decent job of getting some of the most popular apps on to WP7 though so hoping this one makes it across soon.

Meantime, my friend John Caswell has been road testing the app already. Your mileage may vary it seems Smile

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  1. Matthew Stibbe says:

    I used the iPhone version of this app coming back from Amsterdam last week. It's pretty cool to be able to check in on your phone and then show the security people at the airport and on the plane your iPhone with a little facsimile of a boarding card with one of those square barcode things on it. The only drawback is that you have to wake up your phone and enter a pin code each time (if you have set a password) each time you want to show your boarding card. It's not easy when you have a bunch of bags and so on. Still, it works and it's pretty cool.

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