How do you make the worlds best webcam?

You get a bunch of smart people together and tell them to go do what they do. This short video shows you some of the folks behind the Microsoft LifeCam Studio. Is it the world’s best webcam? Well that’s for you to decide but I think it’s an outstanding product – beautifully engineered and it delivers stunning hi-def 1080p video quality. What’s more, I love the attention to detail in the design and the subtlety of the design. I bet if you took the Microsoft name off it, you’d think it was made by some other company who gets a ton of design plaudits. But it’s not…it’s made by these folks and it’s a fine blend of hardware and software as it integrates our TrueColor technology that gives you great video in almost any lighting condition. I think I’m going to use my LifeCam to record a few interviews over the coming weeks.

Tyler Gleghorn appears in the video a few times and he’s one of my favorite dudes at Microsoft – he operates our anechoic chamber and worked on all kinds of stuff. I’ve got more coming on the chamber and Tyler soon. I think you’ll like it.

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