What went down?


Do you want to know what went down in history right at the spot you’re stood? That’s what History Here for Windows Phone 7 does. A neat little app by The History Channel that I came across in the Gizmodo app review.

I think these sort of apps have so much potential – particularly for education but obviously tourism. I think of it as bringing to life all those icons from Ordnance Survey maps and road maps…

Check out the Giz video


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  1. jamiet says:

    I was stood next to St Paul's Cathedral earlier today -possibly one of the world's most historic buildings- and this PoS app returned diddly squat. No way to get my money back and no trial version.

    Seems WP7 app makers have caught Microsoft's US-only bug – or is it because Microsoft actually built them all?


    one thoroughly pissed off WP7 user

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