The Killer App

Been so busy I almost missed this…big love to the CH9 team…and and my desk starred in the movie. Tweet


Cats in the house

Can’t. Wait. To. Get. This. Game. This week… Tweet


Twitter for Windows Phone 7

  It’s been a slow few days on my blog…all will become clear soon… Anyway, I wanted to update you on the the official Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 that I’d been patiently waiting for. Summary – it’s brilliant. It’s not just me who thinks so…the guys over at Twitter love it too. There…


Windows Phone 7 PDC app

We’re a little over 24 hours away from PDC10 here in Redmond and the planes have been delivering the good and the great of the tech world in to town. You’ll be able to watch the PDC live online and it was no surprise to see that the team has added a Windows Phone 7…


Ray Ozzie…in words

A new post from Ray this morning….Dawn of a new day. Summarized above courtesy of Wordle. Still noodling on it as today is a mad sprint around campus for me chatting with Windows Phone guys, OEM team, Zune team and Ray’s team. Should be fun. Tweet


Windows Product Scout

Windows Product Scout got released last week with a post by Mark Relph over on the Windows blog. It showcases a hand picked set of apps each week – an interesting approach as though there is some delight in having hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, that comes with some challenges – like…


MINI Getaway

Brilliant marketing by MINI… Tweet


Messenger for Windows Phone 7

the app, by Miyowa just showed up in the Marketplace. It’s a disgrace that no other apps I need have showed up since I installed this over 3 hours ago Tweet


The Internet in 2020

A ton of great stuff in here – in particular I like the part about sensors and the coming Internet of things. via and my pal Michael K Tweet


Xbox Kinect ads break cover

I don’t need to tell you do anything you don’t already know here – see ‘em all at   Tweet