The future of screen technology

cool video from an Open Innovation experiment from The Astonishing Tribe.

What we think of as a screen or display is set to change a lot in the coming years. Only last week Engadget posted about LG showing off a 9.7-inch color e-paper display and a 19-inch flexible e-paper display with speculation that we’ll see them in mass production by the end of the year. I’m not sure about that but we’re definitely moving in that direction where we think less about sitting in front of a screen and more about any surface having display capability. It starts to open up all sorts of possibilities – lots of which are in this video and more you can see in the Office 2019 video.

Our own Envisioning Lab here at Microsoft shows the potential of large touchscreens and the Microsoft Home which is right around the corner from it, augments our life with screens on all manner of surfaces. They're both simulated environments so the 2019 video and the one above I think are great examples of how this stuff really comes to life.

Here’s one experiment you can try to see how screen size opens more potential. I was sat in an office last week that had very comfy seats and great sound system and projector. It’s the kind of space I wished I had at home and I did something I’m surprised I’d not really done before. I hooked up my laptop to the projector which turned a wall in to my screen. The real estate that gave me to visualize what I was working on was incredible. It was a dramatically different experience.

Give it a try…see what you think.

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  1. marcus ericsson says:

    Hi from TAT sweden. I would love a look in your envisioning lab 🙂

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