Microsoft’s Live Labs launches

The Live Labs team launched earlier today with the aim of making is simple to make and share deep zoom images. You can upload any image, webpage, pdf, etc and get back a fully embeddable, short url’d viewer with deep zoom functionality. Oh and they added a boomarklet so you can apply the effect to anything you’re browsing. For example, here is my site with the effect applied and below is Engadget with the effect applied.


You may have seen this stuff before as Seadragon (aka deep zoom) has been around for a while now but it’s cool to see these guys continue to make the tech accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

Now, what sites really benefit from having this tech applied to them?


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  1. Cory Fowler says:

    Did the guys over at live labs forget about the SysInternals Tool ZoomIt?

  2. vasudev says:

    Yes Cory, I too first thought of that zoomit tool from Sysinternals.

    And this is similar to what seadragon released few days ago –…/seadragoncom-now-supports-pdf-svgs-and.html

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