State of the art is a temporary state

A great ad by Nokia from a few years back. Wow, things change quickly eh? This was only 3 years ago…the state of the art really is temporary. The video still holds true in many way but some of the sites in there (and lack of them – Twitter) show how fast things now change…


Windows Phone 7 is pulling in to the platform

[updated to resolve errors in my original post, thanks for comments] I’ve read a few interesting blogs today that got me thinking about the platform nature of Microsoft’s business and in particular Windows Phone 7. First up was Paul Thurrot’s post titled Windows Phone’s Real Secret Weapon: Developers, Developers, Developers which left me feeling pretty…


Error messages

Though I’ve stopped using MetroTwit for the moment due to memory issues, I do love the attention to detail Long and the team are putting in to this thing. The error message above made me smile…that’s what software should. Delight and surprise even when there is a problem. ps – I know strictly speaking this…


Two geek stats that took me by surprise this weekend

First up was whilst I was reading the latest edition of Wired. Atari announced the 2600 at CES in 1977 and went on to sell 30 million consoles. Ask most teens today about games console brands and they’ll say PlayStation, Xbox and Wii despite those enormous sales figures. It made me think a couple of…


Do I buy an Imation Link?

I’ve been relatively quiet on the tech buying from since I arrived in Seattle (okay, I did buy a new Xbox 360 and just this weekend I ordered a Kindle)…and then I noticed this new device from Imation called Link. There are plenty of other way to do what this thing does but I like…


Repainting a 747

  Brilliant video. I hate to think how much it costs to do this 4 day job


Microsoft’s FUSE Labs releases teamcrossword beta

I got to spend some time with the FUSE Labs teams from around the world this morning, taking a look at their recent projects and listening to some insights in to how Kudo is being used. The team snuck out another project this week with Team Crossword. It’s not a major project for the team…


Bing Treasure Maps

I’m probably way late to the game with this one but who else knew about Bing Treasure Maps? They make a nice change from all those direction maps you now get with Google Maps 🙂 You give Bing the location you want a map created from, jiggle a few settings and it creates you a…


Designing rodents at Microsoft

Don’t worry, we’ve not got in to the genetic engineering business (yet)…I’m talking about design of computer mice and specifically the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series line (gulp, quite a mouthful that). I got to spend some time in our model shop recently where the initial designs for hardware are crafted by hand. I’ll…


Microsoft Research talent

Technology Review just published their annual list of young innovators – all under 35’s who are changing the world. It was pleasing to see 5 Softies in there too, all from Microsoft Research, doing things like the armband interface shown above by T.Scott Saponas.   danah boyd, researcher, Microsoft Research New England. Ranveer Chandra, researcher,…