Discovering Bing


I use Bing almost exclusively these days – there are moments when i drop back to Google but less and less. Besides, now I’m in Redmond you never know who is looking over your shoulder Smile Seriously though, it’s testament to the work of our Bing team has done and I’d consider myself pretty well versed in what Bing has to offer. That was until I stumbled across and found a cool showcase of everything Bing has to offer. Visual Search, Farecast, Entertainment and more. I’m a fan of Bing Maps too and hoping to catch up with Blaise in the next few weeks to talk more about that.


Take a look at – you may be surprised even if you’re a loyal user. I’m writing up a bigger piece on search which I’ll post next week. I saw some stuff this week that made me think about search in a totally new way. More Find than Search…I’ll get it posted here soon.

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  1. SJB says:

    a big problem with all the cool bing stuff is that a lot of it only seems to work in US.  So for example, if I type in, I get sent to the UK site;  I type in powershell and I get the boring old search ala google.  The US site however gives me a cool visual search.

    this lack of parity between the US and non-US versions is annoying as all hell, and just drives most of the people I know back to google.  the Bing team really need to get their act together for then international versions

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