Discovering Bing

I use Bing almost exclusively these days – there are moments when i drop back to Google but less and less. Besides, now I’m in Redmond you never know who is looking over your shoulder Seriously though, it’s testament to the work of our Bing team has done and I’d consider myself pretty well versed…


Pivot your Twitter world

I’m a big fan of Pivot – it works the way my mind tends to work which is to look at things from different angles and navigate in 3D. The web is very 2D so having a tool like Pivot to help visualise the massive amounts of data we’re subjected to is great. Hooking it…


Microsoft Street Slide takes street maps to a new level

Street side images on maps are terrific but they can be problematic at times as you get stuck in the bubble of the camera view and struggle to get a real world perspective on the street. Step in Street Slide from Microsoft Research. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2010 this week, Street Slide gives you a strip…


FourSquare on Windows Phone 7

  A nice spot by Sarah Perez this one. If you’re one of the lucky few with a Windows Phone 7, this alpha build is ready for download. find out more by following


Windows Phone 7 Design Resources

I’ll say from the start that I’m a fan of Metro – the new design system for Windows Phone 7. It’s already inspired a great Twitter client and having played with a WP7 recently, I continue to be impressed. I like it’s clean, elegant 2D look versus the now overused, glossy, reflective look. I actually…


Lemmings on Windows Phone 7

Okay, I know there is a long way to go in the app race but Lemmings!!!…this was probably the most addictive game I played as a kid and I just noticed an RT from Charlie Kindel with the video above.


Limited Edition XBOX 360 in Chrome

When I see the words Chrome and XBOX 360 my heart skips a beat. Chrome is a web browser right? Correct but it’s more well known as a colour and now you can pre-order an XBOX 360 in that colour. A Limited Edition Halo Reach Bundle which will be available September 14th when Halo: Reach…


My favourite MGX demo

[mix 10 demo of Windows Phone 7] Of all the demos I saw this week, the one that impressed me the most was Joe Belfiore with Windows Phone 7. That’s saying something as if I could tell you about the stuff that was shown in the closing hours of MGX…well, I think it would stun…


Bing home page image gallery

The Bing home page images have been one of the things people like most about Bing. I heard about a school in the UK who use the daily image as part of the education routine each day. Now the Bing team had made finding past images even easier with the Bing homepage Visual Search gallery….


Love what you do

I love this new cube grenade from Hugh. After a week in Atlanta at our annual Microsoft conference, I came away energized as always and yep, I love what I do! I’m not sure the world is paying attention though…I’ll get to that part.