Note to my family: you’re all getting Kinect


Natal is no more – welcome to Kinect. The official name was announced last night along with game demos such as Star Wars (you’re the Jedi) to yoga, rafting and even a baby pet tiger simulator. The dashboard interface is said to be very Minority Report like (I haven’t played with it yet) and of course you get to wave your hand to navigate through Twitter, Facebook and Netflix which have been on XBOX for a while. Rock on.

What I’m very excited about is the  video chat that Engadget mentions. With my impending move to the US, my family are now all guaranteed a Kinect unit at launch as it allows up to 4 people to chat and share photos. How much is that going to cost me and when do we get them? Stay tuned…more Kinect news coming this evening.

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  1. Northerngeek says:

    The launch titles don't seem to show off voice control which is a shame, or other features demonstrated in the unveiling video… not to say that we should be able to scan in skateboards but simple voice commands would add something relatively unique, this doesn't seem to demonstrate that.

    I got into MS after they bought Rare, I started taking notice of their products, sadly though Rare is now being forced to make these sorts of titles… I know there are limitations with space and tech but you'd think we'd be able to see something a little more interesting.

    e.g. Why not have a game where a non-playable character is controlling the ship/cart/car you're in and you can yell commands of where to go? Maybe something like that is in the works but right now Kinect/Natal seems to be jumping, ducking and maybe waving… I'm a little disappointed.

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