The Archivist – archive, analyze and export tweets

The Archivist is a new lab/website from our Mix Online folks that lets people archive, analyze and export tweets. Why would you wanna do that? Well Twitter search only gives you the last 2 weeks so if you want to analyze trends, see relationships or simply just store your tweets to show to the grandkids,…


Microsoft’s Pivot – solving the needle in a haystack

Pivot was first shown at the PDC last year and it’s now available as a shipping product with the Silverlight PivotViewer. This brings Pivot to your web browser and I think it’s a fine example of how we do what we call “tech transfer” – taking incubations from our Labs (in this case Live Labs)…


Microsoft removing your 3D glasses

I just finished reading a piece in Technology Review about Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group who are working to make glasses-free 3-D a reality. Interesting…it’s not going to make me like Avatar any more but 3D without the glasses would be a result of dorktastic proportions. One of my challenges at Microsoft is keeping up with…


Is innovation an effect or cause?

Noah Brier works for The Barbarian Group and I stumbled across this presentation of his via Dave Knox. I love the start with Gillette and their 5 blades and then the further analysis of what innovation truly it. What it is of course is one of the most overused words in the IT industry but…


What am I?

Not quite sure where I fit but I’m sure somebody will tell me 🙂 via SwissMiss


Not so natural user interfaces

You’ll see me blogging more about Natural User Interfaces over the coming months as I think it’s a big new trend (well underway of course) but one that Kinect amongst other things will help to drive forward. In the meantime, this NUI failure made me laugh. From Fail Blog via Marc Holmes


IE9 Deep Zoom demo

One of our executives just sent an email imploring me to check out the Deep Zoom demo as part of the IE9 demo suite. I feel ashamed that I hadn’t seen this before as it’s really quite impressive stuff. The speed and smoothness of the zoom using Seadragon Ajax bodes well for plenty of websites…


The Fast Lane

My first week in the US is drawing to a close and I’ve spent lots of time in US stores figuring out how to buy stuff you need when you move country. Plenty of surprises there but one as surprising as this new video from Volkswagen. Now that’s how to shoppe!


Taking Tech back to 1977

Retro brilliance from ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS on the Behance Network. Is this what today’s tech would have looked like back in 1977? Probably. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the tech bubble I/we live in. Packing my house and moving to the US gave me time to reflect on…


IE9 speed test

The 3rd platform preview of IE9 was released yesterday and it’s coming along pretty nicely. There is a way to go of course and everyone else is developing their stuff too (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) but the recent side by side tests look promising. The one above pits the latest IE9 against Chrome 6.   Read…