Sony releases new colour VAIO P

Sony releases new color VAIO PSony releases new color VAIO P


As my friends will know, I’m all for a new Vaio laptop now and then…though the P series never took my fancy to be honest. Even orange can’t tempt me…but credit where it’s due, the Sony folks have gone gaga with these new colours.

Weighing in at 600g it has a built in GPS and Digital Compass. It’s also Sony’s first notebook with an accelerometer for gesture based navigation.

More details in the press release

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  1. Northerngeek says:

    My family owns three of the older P-series model, one green, one black and one red… they’re pretty good for their size. I would look into this but I can’t help but feel that we’re on the cusp of getting vast improvements to mobile devices soon.

  2. I quite like my (old-generation) Vaio P but it is painfully slow, even if you delete all the Sony crapware and the screen can make your eyes bleed because the text is so small but it is so portable and it has a good keyboard so you really can use it as an ultraportable word processor very easily. I run Word with the text zoomed in and it’s great. Mind you, I got the same functionality for less money with a Cambridge Research Z88 twenty years ago and it ran on four AA batteries!

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