Bing Map Apps…hidden goodness


This post is one I was convinced I had already posted – so much so I spent ten minutes checking my blog to find it!

My Microsoft colleagues will all have seen this so they get a free pass this week. At least I hope they know about Bing Maps Map Apps. I know you’re all familiar with maps on the web but these gems from Bing are often overlooked. What they give you is a tonne of great overlays on top of maps and you get to them by clicking the Map Apps button on the bottom left of the site.

Once you’ve clicked the button, you then have access to stuff like graffiti art spots – got to Shoreditch in London  on the maps and click this link and you’ll see a load of Banksy locations. You can also see who’s twittering in a particular geographic location, what restaurants are there, sculptures, events and much more. The Worldwide Telescope map app is incredible and literally allow you to pick a point on the earth and look upwards to see what would be seen in the sky at that precise point in time.

Go take a look….I think you’ll like what you find.

Slightly freaky that when I originally wrote this post I realised I was sat in the building in Seattle where this stuff gets built. Weird….and cool.

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  1. Northerngeek says:

    I think it’s a shame this hasn’t been made simpler to use (and notice) for users who don’t spend a lot of time on tech sites. My hospital partner had no idea of these features but loved them when he saw them.

    Why not have an "Add" and "Share" buttons at the bottom to allow for such features.


    Under "Add", have "Twitter overlay", "Photosynths" etc

    Under "Share", have functionality such as the map sketch app and the ability to embed.

    I explained this to a friend and they argued it isn’t aesthetically suitable but look at sites like Youtube’s CC and Embed fuctionality- they’re far easier to notice and use.

    P.S. Steve, any idea why Bing UK no longer has a videos option on the front page? I’ve been trying to find out for a while with no luck 🙁

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