Microsoft’s FUSE Labs announces Spindex


Hot on the heels of our FUSE Labs team today announced Spindex over at Web 2.0 in San Francisco. Spindex enables you to search your personal social networks for updates on a topic. I just started playing with it about an hour ago and first thing to note – it’s fast. Second, it’s built on Azure which I find reassuring that we’re using our own tech. Third…it’s addictive…I’m not sure why yet but will update this post as I go and tell you more about it. I like the way it proactively finds useful stuff based on the interests of my network for example.

Lili and her team are helping dispel the myth that Microsoft isn’t an agile org – these guys just keep cranking stuff out. Bing Twitter Maps, Bing Twitter, Kodu, Outlook Social Connector, Docs and more.

Fuse are a very social bunch by nature so you can follow them on Twitter and find them on Facebook. You can also follow Spindex on Twitter to find out how to get an invite to the Tech Preview

Comments (4)

  1. ooh, I must try and score an invite; it’s just what i need

  2. Leo Dirac says:

    Sounds neat.  Too bad the sign in form doesn’t work on Chrome or Firefox.  Maybe if I had a windows machine I could request permission to try it.  Guess I’m just not cool enough.

  3. Leo – I used it all day today on chrome just to see how it worked. seem to be fine for me

    pls ping @spindexme and I’m sure they can help

  4. malhaar says:

    please send me invitation code

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