A very nice find by Paul Fabretti and blogged by Marc Holmes. You can now get your own customised Twitter notebook from You put whatever you want on the front of the book and when it arrives you will see 1 tweet you’ve posted on Twitter at the bottom of each page. For 12…


Audi A8 with its own WiFi hotspot

Part of my new role will be looking at where the future of technology lies – which means I’ll work more closely with our MSR and Labs teams and help showcase some of their work. Groovy. One of the areas I will focus on is hardware advances and what they mean for the future so…


Thinking Digital 10 recap

I was going to do a long post telling you how brilliant I thought Thinking Digital was this week in Gateshead here in the UK (it’s our version of TED really) but I’m a known fanboy of the conference and Herb Kim so I’ll leave it to Alison Gow of the Liverpool Echo and my…


Entrepreneurship visualized

  Click the image for the full version. Very interesting to see the entrepreneurial activity as a % of GDP in particular!  via DataViz


Microsoft tag out of beta

tag has been around for a while now and is a funky way of making a lot of information available via small, digital tags applied to any object. You point your mobile device at the tag, snap a photo and the tag application fetches you more information. Behind the scenes there is a reporting and…


Microsoft’s FUSE Labs unveils Emporia (alpha)

Ralf Herbrich of FUSE Labs in the UK just unveiled a new project that indexes and provides “lenses” on to Twitter here at the Thinking Digital conference in Gateshead. Project Emporia is available to play with now in Alpha form (i.e. early code) and allows you to browse and vote on information flowing through the…


Visualizing Travel

Jer Thorp gave a great talk at Thinking Digital today and showed the video above. Jer works for Wired creating what is generally known as Infoporn. Readers of my blog will know I love this stuff. Jer helped me understand why – it’s the cross section between Art, Science and Design and if I’m honest,…


Sir Ken…again

  if you’ve read Sir Ken’s book, The Element, this video will not be new content for you…but either way, you should click play as it’s 16 minutes of brilliant speaking, great comedy, and thought provoking stuff on how we need to rethink learning to let kids flourish. A brilliant storyteller.


Thinking Digital–Day 1 recap

[image credit: David Coxon] Wow, what an epic day at Thinking Digital here in the North East of England. After a very fine evening of dinner and discussion with a great gang I rolled out of bed, crossed the Tyne and settled in for a day of mind expansion. That’s what TDC10 is all about…


Want vs Need

  [Photo by courtneyBolton on Flickr. Some rights reserved] As I explained to a friend last week….do I want an iPad? yeah, sure…I’m a geek after all. Do I NEED one? Not so much…and then this conversation reared it’s head again tonight with @briansolis – lovely device but it misses two real things I need…