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I’ll be doing a lot more with our Fuse Labs team in the coming months – more on that at a later date. For now, I wanted to tell you about a great new service they released today – Docs for Facebook. My friend Lili Cheng introduced it like this

I’m so excited to announce today the launch of a new beta Facebook app from FUSE Labs called “Docs”, also available at our website. Built on Microsoft Office 2010, the Docs app enables Facebook users for the first time to create and share Microsoft Office documents directly with their Facebook friends, using the Office tools they already know.

It’s been quite a sprint for the FUSE team to deliver this beta - from concept to its initial implementation in less than four months. The FUSE Labs mission is to explore a range of “Future Social Experiences”. In this exploration it’s our belief that we may increase the value of Office ‘docs’ by giving everyone the ability to seamlessly take their friends and connections with them from Facebook to


Find more more about Docs at (great URL guys) and sign up for the beta. Once in you simply go to and create a Word, Powerpoint or Excel doc.

As a treat, contains a 2006 PowerPoint by Ray Ozzie titled “in pursuit of social productivity”. He has another one that really shows the power of Office Web Apps and of course his Internet Services Disruption memo

I’m off to play with it…

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  1. jamiet says:

    This has a a huge advantage over Office Web Apps.

    With Office Web Apps you can’t make a doc public then email a link to a friend to let them view it in the browser; instead it prompts you to download the doc instead. I complained about this anti-feature of Office Web Apps long and hard when I first discovered it so its great to see doesn’t have the same limitation.


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