HP takes aim at iPad

HP released another video of their slate device a few days ago, this one pointing to some of the gaps in the iPad feature set – notably including a two cameras for photos and video conferencing, and extensibility/data transfer through media such as SD or USB. Oh and HDTV connectivity.

Now…we just need to know when and how much.

As Engadget says, the USB cable looks remarkably like a Apple USB cable. Hmmm

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  1. Daniel Noakes says:

    Looks so cool. Not just looks like an Apple USB cable, but looks like iTunes on screen, check it at 13 seconds in.

  2. I would like one of these. It’ll be interesting to see if it has enough processor or GPU capacity to play full screen videos or stream HD YouTube properly.

  3. ciczan says:

    I wonder if it will come bloated with shareware, like their notebooks….

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