McLaren MP4-12C runs Windows OS


I can feel the comments to this post already, pointing me to all those videos of cars with blue screens. Trust me, I’ve seen them.

The chaps down at McLaren Automotive HQ’s in Woking, England are pretty serious about their engineering though so it may surprise you to learn that their new supercar, the MPC-12C runs not one but two Windows operating systems. The car has a 1.6Ghz, 7” portrait touch screen with Bluetooth, 802.11 wifi and USB with McLaren’s own IRIS infotainment system.

I don’t know much more at this point as I was denied access to the press part of the McLaren site as I’m not accredited. C’mon guys, catch up with the new world of the web…where everyone is journalist. Sort of 😉 Anyway, I assume it’s Windows Embedded


hat tip to my brother for this one!

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  1. R Warder says:

    Sweet looking car from a great company.

    Glad we’re back in F1 season.

  2. Jamie M says:

    Eeek, how awkward – hitting ctrl-alt-del when you’re doing 100mph down the M6.

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