Why do women’s shirts button up the wrong way?

Not something you’d expect to learn at a Microsoft conference right? Well, not every Microsoft conference has Bill Buxton on the agenda.

I just managed to watch Bill’s talk from MIX10 yesterday and as usual it was unusual….and educational. I did find out why women's shirts button up the wrong way. I also learnt how the flag of Catalonia came to be, and why XBOX Project Natal doesn’t work on an airplane. Okay, that last one was easy but the two others are not things you’d typically expect to hear at a Microsoft conference right?

Jump to around 2:14 to see Bill do his thing.


[update] – in case you don’t have time to view the video, women's shirts button the “wrong” way (i.e. opposite from men's) because when buttons first came to be used, they were expensive hence it was only the rich who could afford to have them. back then if you were a rich lady, you didn’t button your own shirt of course – you had someone do it for you. hence, when someone facing you is buttoning your shirt it’s the “right” way.  

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