La Passione

Stunning drawings by Tony Matthews – this one of a Ferrari F1 engine. Another below is a 1959 Ferrari Testarossa. What I love about these is the passion that goes in to drawing them oozes off the page. Tony is clearly a man dedicated to his work and it shows…craftsmanship like this is inspirational.

The title of the post is a refernce to Chris Rea’s work – La Passione.

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  1. Devin says:

    This kind of stuff is the reason why I read your blog. I can get random tech stuff anywhere, but there is some stuff that I can only get here.

    Having grown up in an age where this kind of thing is much easier, and commonly done, with any common CAD program, this kind of illustration always fascinates me. It truly is an amazing form of art.

  2. colinl says:

    They are wonderful drawings, but does Chris Rea really ‘ooze’ passion or show inspirational craftsmanship?

    I know your record collection is better than that…

  3. yeah, not Rea’s finest work…road to hell is much better as is Daytona.

  4. thanks Devin – it’s comments like yours that keep me posting this mix of stuff. some days I think posts like this are so far off topic for me that I wonder whether I should post….but I like mixing it up and glad you enjoy!

    thanks for taking the time to comment


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