Schumacher in SLS AMG video

great video and the SLS looks much nicer than I expected.

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  1. don’t like this. Saw the rough edits on youtube a couple weeks ago. Didn’t like it then either.

    Hopefully they’ll get a little more sensual and dynamic. And maybe display the car in a different color for Godsake.

    I love MB and I’m bonkers over the SLS but this is a bit lackluster. And the tagline "Is it Still a Car?" is just so corny in my opinion… Would be a better fit on the SLR or another auto of that caliber.

    Looking forward to the other ads. Perhaps they’ll mix it up some.

  2. Schumi says:

    I know the stunt isn’t real and uses some clever tricks.  But the video was originally shot and released by Mercedes without Schumi in it.  Mercedes then re-released it adding some cheesy head-shots of Schumi.   Good looking car tho.

    Here’s the orginial file …..

    Top Gear also commented on this ….

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