Deepzoom Sumatran tiger

Fauna and Flora International  is one of the world’s oldest conservation societies, (in fact it was one of the founders of the World Wide Fund for Nature). To help publicise their work (and to coincide with the International Year of Biodiversity’ and the Chinese year of the Tiger) the Shoothill team have created the Sumatran Tiger Zoom – the biggest mosaic they have ever attempted and is apparently the largest in the world (by some distance I am told). Here are some stats from the team and having had a look, it’s mighty impressive.

  • It is made from 180,000 cell images
  • Because of its enormous size it is very difficult to tell it is a mosaic at all
  • Shoothill believe this to be the first Deep Zoom to integrate Silverlight video directly within a mosaic
  • New code built to allow you to ‘fly’ around the zoom in ‘auto’ mode – try it, it’s very nice.

Take a look – I thought I’d seen all that could be done with this type of mosaic but the Shoothill guys keep breaking new ground and with this one it’s for a great cause.

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  1. Nutterguy says:

    That is pretty technically impressive as far as deep zooms go but I have to say I actually don’t like it much.

    One of my favourite characteristics of Deepzoom is that the pictures are always crisp and clear no matter how far you zoom in, with this deep zoom the actual photos that make up the mosaic are tiny and very poor quality.

    Still technically impressive and not a bad reflection on Deepzoom at all.

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