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I decided to run through Wordle on the day after Steve Jobs announced what is apparently “the most important thing I've ever done”. I’d bet he didn’t actually say that but if he did, he’d be happy with the fact that iPad is dominating the blogosphere if we use Techmeme as our barometer. Dig a little deeper of course and the coverage is very mixed but in terms of free publicity, they did pretty well.

I’m going to hold off any public views on the iPad til I get to actually play with one. Besides, my views would only drown in the sea of voices above! One thing I will comment on is the iPad promotional video. There is something ever so slightly creepy about it. I’m a self confessed fan of Jonathan Ive but I don’t get that whole “magical” thing he starts with. I mean c’mon dude, it doesn’t exceed our ability to understand it.

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  1. Paul says:

    Totally agree on the video mate – too overly-dramatic to be believable now. These guys are techies and designers NOT actors. Talk to us like we’re not stupid.

    It’ s almost become formulaic, and isn’t that what’s caused the whole customer in control thing in the first place.

    It’s all no different to the salesman who has to say it is good quality. If it is, you don’t need to say so.

  2. Chris says:

    The TweetMeme button you use on your blog does make an appearance in the video you mention, though 🙂

  3. Agree on the video, Steve, it’s super cheesy, awful in fact.

    And also agree that I very much doubt Steve Jobs said, ‘this is the most important thing I’ve ever done’. That was a classic Michael Arrington linkbait post. Enlarging the iPod Touch is probably the least important thing Jobs’s has done. To be honest, I think the latest iPod Shuffle that talks to you is more impressive. Early judgment is that the first gen iPad falls well short of the potential, let alone the unheard of levels of hype. Time for Microsoft to get one up, perhaps? The Courier concept looks far more interesting than the iPad does.

  4. agree Alex that Courier looks like the real!

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