Wonderful composite video

Lovely work from GE and similar from Nike hat tip to FlowingData Tweet

British IT humour

Enfield and Corbett. Classic…and given Google is a verb, ironic that it didn’t make it in to the sketch! Tweet

Minifig yourself

I got sent a minifig of myself recently and they’re scarily good. Check ‘em out at Sculpteo – 3D printed using two photos of you. Tweet

The link between ID theft and going green

One thing I’ve been impressed by as I’ve settled in to life in the US is the easy with which you can choose to have most of your statements from banks, insurance, utilities and pretty much everyone else delivered to you electronically. The reason most companies give for this choice (which they often set as…


Windows Phone 7 and personality

Hugh’s latest seemed entirely appropriate for Windows Phone 7 – this product has more personality that any other Microsoft product I know. Tweet

Simple Wallpaper

Love this…and many more wallpapers from simpledesktops.com Tweet

The difference between need and want

Just in case anyone is listening (pun), I absolutely definitely need these headphones. This is not a case of want, it’s definitely need. If the B&W MM-1 speakers are anything to go by, these will rock the house (pub). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones. Did I mention they…

13 years at Microsoft. What’s Next

Today is my thirteen year anniversary at Microsoft and though 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number, today I feel pretty lucky. I’m about to start a new era where a hobby becomes my day job. Nope, I’m not leaving Microsoft but I will be leaving this blog a little. A few hours ago,…