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That’s how many years I have been at Microsoft as of today. Wow, it flew by…I earned some grey hairs along the way but wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s 12 random facts to mark the occasion

  1. My first Microsoft laptop had 16mb of RAM and a floppy drive…and it still boots. But it weighs ~7lbs (3.1kg)
  2. My current laptop has 2GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD drive and weighs 650g
  3. I’ve owned at least 12 different Microsoft keyboards. Way more mice but the Starck remains my favourite.
  4. The most frequent question I get when I say I work at Microsoft is have I met Bill Gates. Yep met him twice – nice bloke 🙂
  5. I worked on SharePoint back when it was Tahoe…nice to be at the start of a $1bn business
  6. I worked on Windows phone back when it was Stinger and had one of these
  7. I’ve taken over 200 flights and never missed a single one. Yet!
  8. I’ve played basketball against Steve Ballmer. He’s big. And tough.
  9. My scariest meeting was with Nokia…long story but it was a weird house in Espoo.
  10. I once started a TV channel at Microsoft. A tonne of fun but now dead 🙁
  11. I admit it, I owned a Microsoft Barney. I consider it part of my pension now.
  12. I’ve sent well over 50k emails since I started here, written over 3000 blog entries and over 5000 tweets . Not sure that’s a good thing.

Will I be here in another 12 years? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.


Comments (7)

  1. Claudiu says:

    way to go Steve. to the next 12, exciting for sure.

  2. Congratulations on a dozen Steve (5 for me next year) – here’s to a dozen more…

  3. teusje says:

    Congratz! Keep up the good (blogging) work.

  4. Liam Daly says:

    Congratulations, keep up the great blogging and best of luck to the next 12

  5. Richard Moss says:

    Congrats mate. It was absolutely brilliant working with you on Windows Mobile all those years ago. Love your retro stinger phone image. I still have an original Orange SPV, boxed with all the bits at home somewhere. A momento of days gone by!

  6. StaceyBr says:

    Congrats on 12 years – that’s a long, long time (especially in MS years).

  7. No surprise about the most common question!  Intrigued by some of your "random facts"…would be great to read more about the scary Nokia meeting and your TV channel-making adventures 😉

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