Microsoft Pivot: from the wizards at Live Labs


I just sat through Gary Flake’s session on Microsoft Pivot – a new project from Live Labs that frankly, blew me away. I sort of thought I knew what was coming but I didn’t and the sooner the video of his session is up the better – it’s one of those things you need to see. Here’s what the website says of Pivot

Pivot is an application intended to make it easier to view and interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun. It enables the visualization of trends in related information using our own Seadragon technology. Pivot is currently available by invitation only to a small technical audience but you can learn more by visiting our website.

It’s an invite only trial for the moment so head over to to sign yourself up.


[update] I meant to mention that during the session I was thinking how cool it would be to hook Pivot up to some of the data in our Dallas services. Huge potential here me thinks…

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  1. boat fenders says:

    This project seems to be the interesting project from Live Labs. Good to hear that Pivot is an application intended to make it easier to view and interact with massive amounts of data.

  2. Ed Gillett says:

    Methinks I see the ideal client for PinPoint (Dallas) data eventually … very cool. Consumer Intelligence – BI for Regular People.

  3. Northerngeek says:

    Obviously a high degree of cross-over with Bing visual search, and very interesting.

    The Wikipedia article sorter in the video is absolutely beuatiful, that could replace searching for a lot of my queries- it is something that would make me believe in Visual Search… hopefully the two intersect at some point.

    (People say how Google Wave will revolutionise email… this could potentially revolutionise navigation of desktops or the web.)

  4. +1 on the synchronicity with Dallas. i also want to see the Windows Media center photo screensaver rewritten using Seadragon and Pivot so it can slice and dice through photos in the background automagically 😉

  5. I got an invitation, but haven’t installed yet. Wondering one can plug it directly to twitter api calls (xml and json streams returned back) and consume the information without having to convert them to Collections.

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