The promise of Natural User Interface – NUI

  You’re familiar with GUI even if you don’t know it – it’s the type of user interface you use every day on your current class of PC (or Mac) – a Graphical User Interface. Over the last year or so, Microsoft and others have begun referring to NUI or Natural User Interface. This is…


Microsoft Executives in Pivot

A very cool little project from the folks at has turned the Microsoft executive roster in a a Pivot project. If you have Pivot installed, check it out by opening from within Pivot. If you don’t have Pivot, go grab it and explore a completely new way to navigate data. You’ll need an…


Bugaboo and Windows 7

I was checking out some Windows 7 case studies this morning and noticed Bugaboo International has chosen to go with Windows 7. As a happy Bugaboo customer I’m pleased to hear they’re equally happy with our products 🙂   “We’re a fairly young company, and our users are very computer savvy,” notes Siereveld. “Windows 7…


Absolut Energy

Another classic


Great Quotes #21

"You can’t control the  wind, but you can adjust your sails." – Yiddish proverb   courtesy of John Caswell


My last year in Twitter

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Christmas wish list has started

I’ll start my Christmas Wish List posts this year with something a little unusual – salt. "Soso is a brand of high quality salts, which come from a salt mine located in a natural reserve in the south of Spain. The client was looking for a distinguishing container that could be used both to store…


Impatient Optimists: Bill and Melinda Gates

This doesn’t really need an introduction. it starts with some good humour in the intro from BillG and then quickly on to extremely important, moving content from Bill and his wife, Melinda. It’s an hour of education on the impact of vaccines, the eradication of Polio and the power of smart investment. Inspirational stuff and…


30 Days to Better Business Writing

The excellent Matthew Stibbe has published an excellent FREE eBook titled 30 Days to Better Business Writing. A number of years back I attended a course by Matthew on business writing and it was great – very practical and easy to consume stuff – his eBook is much the same. You can read it online…