Microsoft Tag in action

Moving swiftly on from the Microsoft Windows 7 house party thing…we’re back on track with a somewhat more funky video about Microsoft Tag.

Not sure what Tag is? Think of it as a barcode on steroids. Imagine you picked up a book at a bookstore and wanted to see more about the author or see the online reviews from Amazon. If the book has a Microsoft Tag and you have a phone with the Tag reader installed, it’s just a click away.

There are a tonne of other usage scenarios. I found out that Stoke NHS Trust here in the UK is using Tag for patient information and staff signatures.

I’m quite a fan of Tag so hope to see it get broader adoption

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  1. Northerngeek says:

    I remember when I first tried Tag I envisioned all of the above scenarios constantly, like browsing a text book in a library to be able to see a video or hear an audio clip through your mobile… it would be amazing.

    My current desire for Tag is for MS to release an IE8 Accelerator so that if I highlight a url or text I could instantly see a TAG generated for me to snap on my WinMo device- that way I could run out of the door and keep reading a page when I get on the train…. Just me who wants this then?

  2. Stensh Von Pupick says:

    Nice concept and execution …kind of like an uninformative PSA. What’s telling is the offering of only the slightest glimpse of what TAG actually looks like. The look of the thing isn’t a small barrier to entry either to the consumer who has to know what it is/what to do with it OR to marketers who need to integrate it into their inventory. Whether that be at POS, in-book, outdoor or on TV… brand marketer buy-in is absolutely essential to make this thing fly.

    Also notable is that there is no reference to how the consumer is going to make this cool thing happen. How do they find and DL the app reader prerequisite to making it work? Until they overcome that hurdle…or even better, sell a billion Windows OS phones;-) – the install-base isn’t going to light anyone’s fire.

    Finally, I should add that these issues are endemic in the QR code sector…and my honest opinion is that MSFT has more than enough muscle (and hopefully the desire and where with all) to win the war. I just think there are a good number of battles still ahead.

  3. nice idea NorthernGeek – just passed it on to the Tag team

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