Zune HD Day

Black and Platinum Family Shot

I got the email I wanted from Amazon yesterday to confirm that my Zune HD is en route and should be arriving at my hotel in Seattle any moment now. Wooohooooo…..there goes my day 🙂

I’m quite exccited about this new device, so much so that during a meeting yesterday when one was handed around I resisted the urge to grab it and have a play was I want the full experience of unpacking my own, pristine new device. Geeky eh.

I went for the 16gb as I wanted a black unit so expect photos later today but I expect the web will be full of them.

Todd Bishop reports that Twitter and Facebook are coming to Zune HD soon as is Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition. 

As expected the Zune 4.0 software launched today along with a revamped Zune website.

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  1. Northerngeek says:

    Ugh, I envy you Steve. My Zune 80’s hold button just broke and I desperately want the new device. If only MS were releasing it worldwide.

    P.S. Completely understand that resistance to exposure, I avoided any tech forum or news outlet before I got my hands on the Zune 4.0 software. Worth it :)… Luckily the Zune Pass still works in the UK (phew).

  2. Ian Blackburn says:

    It’s coming to the uk end of Autumn according to this: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1533591/zune-hd-arrive-europe

    But now I’m sitting in a hotel in Michigan wondering if to get one from the local Best Buy or wait until the uk version.

    Steve – do you know if the HD radio is something that will only work in the US?  As I understand it this is a different system to the DAB digitial radio we have in the uk, but it would be good if you could confirm that… 😉

  3. I picked mine up at BestBuy in Bellevue this morning – just had enought time to charge and sync up before I jumped on a plane down to LA for some meetings.

    Lovely device, really enjoyed tinkering with the touchscreen whilst listening to it on the plane.


  4. ian – sorry for the delay, pretty sure the HD radio only works in the US. the radio itself works here, just not the HD tuning part

  5. Hi Steve,

    Actually I took the plunge and bought one for me and my son anyway.  I wrote up my thoughts on how it works in the uk here: http://www.bbits.co.uk/blog/archive/2009/09/20/using-the-zune-hd-in-the-uk.aspx – you are right HD Radio doesn’t work but the FM radio is fine (though it has some quirks).

    The marketplace is really nicely integrated into the software and device, can’t wait for that to be properly available in the uk (you can get it to a degree in the uk – see my blog)

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