Echo music player


Following on from the TED player I posted about last week, I was checking out a few other apps from Thirteen23. There can be few companies that make more beautiful user interfaces than these guys and their Echo radio player is another fine example.

Details about the player are thin on the ground but if you’re running Vista or Windows 7 you can get a look at it. It’s a bit like with a lovely UI but I have no idea what they’re using as the music source at the back end.

Of less interest to me but equally cool looking is their Netflix app titled Drama


…and I’d love to see their Mosaic world news kiosk come to life


If you’re thinking of building an app with a stunning UI, look no further than

Comments (2)

  1. Hey sounds like an interesting player man :).Good luck with it.

  2. GTRoberts says:

    boohoo! it doesn’t work outside of the States 🙁 its a truly beautiful app!!  Microsoft needs to hire these guys for doing their UI!! 😉

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