First shot of a Microsoft retail store

Microsoft, barricade, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ

The official Microsoft Twitter account tweeted on Friday about the first “image” of Microsoft retail stores in Scottsdale and Mission Viejo. The twitpic has a number of comments asking when one is coming to the UK. I have the same question 🙂

Actually I’ve been thinking about this over the last few weeks – about maybe trying to find a role in the retail side. About 5 years ago I wrote an internal memo about why it’d make sense to have a retail store and I still have the same passion for the topic. I’m not sure what I’d do or even if they have jobs but I could sort of see myself in retail, helping to get the word out about Microsoft products.

I dunno….maybe it’s a crazy idea. We’ll see….meantime, I like the way Bing is the entry point to the store on this hoarding. Subtle.


@cooganphoto is the source of the photos and he has a few more on his Flickr page.

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  1. northerngeek says:

    Bing as an entry point? If that was deliberate you’re infinitely more observant than I am.

    I think a lot of fans are eager to apply for roles in retail, Microsoft has some dedicated followers (like me!) who share the vision of a connected home, the people who grew up watching Bill Gates’ CES keynotes as though they were the Christmas Lectures. I spent my late teenage years getting my parents into a connected home with Media Center TV (+extenders), handwriting recognition, voice recognition, my parents always thought it was a bit ridiculous but my dad bought a couple of Macs a year ago and whilst he still uses them he misses the features and will probably switch to Win7.

    I am surprised to see somebody already in the firm feeling the same way, its nice to see that sort of passion still exists within a company Microsoft’s size.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Steve – a Windows shop with no windows ? 😉

  3. yeah, weird I know Jason.

    I went in the Apple store last week and asked where I could buy some Granny Smiths and they looked at me like "duh" 🙂


  4. Mikej says:

    as much as the world gets digital people still need something tangible. I think Nokia have created some great retailer experiences taht are all about the brand and less about the sale. I think apple do it well but much more of a sales push

    let people use the space to get excited about the brand and buy it somewhere else

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