Zune HD hands-on

(Credit: Donald Bell/CNET Networks)

The Zune HD must be getting close now with such a thorough hands on review from by Donald Bell at C|Net. It sounds like a beautifully engineered device and though it’s different from an iPod Touch that’s what it’ll obviously be compared to. I have a Touch and I like it a lot and the applications are where it shines above and beyond Zune. As a pure music device though, I’ll still be laying my cash down for a Zune HD later this year. I’m particularly keen to check out the OLED screen and how well touch has been implemented in the UI as it may foreshadow Windows Mobile 7 – certainly there is a lot to like about the UI from Donald’s review. 

Possibly the most innovative area UI wise of Zune HD is the way the device works online. It pulls a gallery of artist information and recommendations from the Zune Marketplace down to your device to encourage further exploration and obviously purchases.

Audio wise, the Zune has always been a strong performer though like Donald I’m glad to see the EQ feature back on the device as some tunes just need a little more oomph or delicacy.

The web browser sounds pretty impressive too…another nod to Windows Mobile 7 maybe? Apparently it’s super fast and “pinching and reorienting pages work just like the iPhone and iPod Touch”.


Hoping it’s out before my next trip to Redmond 🙂

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