PayPal & Windows Azure

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PayPal is opening up with 3rd party API’s for developers. Seems like a very smart move to me to make the most popular payment system a platform. Even better news for me, it’s already being used in conjunction with Windows Azure. 


“The Windows Azure platform provides developers with a scalable, interoperable cloud development environment to build and deploy services and applications,” said Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. “By allowing the developer community to take advantage of the PayPal adaptive payment platform through the Windows Azure platform, developers will have the opportunity to utilize a billing solution for the Windows Azure platform services they offer by providing customers with an easy on-line payment program option.”


It’s a pretty significant move both for the industry and also for Microsoft as it has some interesting ramifications for projects I’m working on in the international markets we serve.

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Comments (2)

  1. SJKP says:

    Steve,  can you share an example use case of how you see someone combining Paypal and Azure?

    Stephen P

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