Make social media part of the job…like email


I’m still digesting the fascinating Engagementdb 2009 report today from Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint and Charlene Li of Altimeter Group. It’s a beautiful report to look at for a start and has a great accompanying website (see below).

The part I liked most though as I scan read was the above on Dell. This is precisely how I think social media should be used in a company – just one of the tools of a daily diet of information. it’s often what people get wrong – they create a social media department and it thus becomes “someone else’s job”. For that reason it makes it slightly odd that the report only concentrates on corporate sponsored engagement via a particular channel. Many companies, Microsoft included, have a tonne of non corporate sponsored engagement via social media that doesn’t really carry any weight here. Interestingly though you can submit new details so I just added my Twitter account to the Microsoft entry. I’ll be amazed if it’s approved and shows up though!

If nothing else, I hope the report creates some small degree of competition around engagement.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Steve – thanks for reviewing the report.  Many of the companies that we talked to were most excited about social media as a means to empower the rest of the organization to effectively execute their jobs.  Sounds like that is already happening at Microsoft.  And you provide a great idea of the next version of the report – companies that best utilize social media to positively impact everyday work flow.  Approved your submission to the database!



    Wetpaint/Altimeter Group

  2. Hi Kevin – wow, thanks for adding me to the database! love to help with the next version of the report in any way – maybe I can spend some time giving you more of an insight in to social media at Microsoft?

    my day starts like this:

    1) fire up PC

    2) get coffee 🙂

    3) start outlook

    4) start twitter client

    5) start broswer – which opens twitter search for key terms, Google Reader for my feeds, Techmeme for the news etc

    6) drift between those information sources throughout the day…both feeding in to it and feeding from it.

    Now I think about it, I spend a good amount of time harvesting the web and sending in on to other folks internally who act on it

    anyway, thanks again…this whole thing has provokved a lot of thought for me


  3. DrGNU says:

    This was very interesting regarding Social Media.

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