Bing Getting Realtime With Twitter

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Nice move by the Bing team – they’ve started to index Twitter, albeit a small corner of the chattersphere by indexing some prominent folks like Danny Sullivan and Kara Swisher. I can see the fallout now – Jason Calacanis will be offering up cold hard $$ to get on the index list 🙂 Speaking of which, I assume I’m on the watch list…..errr, nope 😉

Regardless, it’s great to see the speed of innovation from Bing and finally we get the jump on Google (and Yahoo). John Battelle, Scoble, Techcrunch and others seemed pretty impressed.


In related news, it seems @microsoft has kicked in to life on Twitter with 4 folks from our corporate communications team at the helm. I’ll be watching closely to see how it develops.

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  1. Charlie Maitland says:

    Well I have just found the power of Twitter + Microsoft + Blue Monster.

    I had a problem with a very obscure addition that involved 2 major product groups. I was having difficulty finding out just who to address my problem to so I tweeted both groups. I now have someone who has stepped up to the mark and I have a point of contact. May not be his issue but it gave me a way in.

    Keep it up.


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