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Now that pretty much all the news is out there in terms of Windows 7 availability and pricing it’s good to see that is leading with 7. I’m not sure when the change happened but until recently it was still very much a Vista site with details of 7 sprinkled here and there.

As expected, the Windows Live and Windows Mobile brand also get prominent placement.

As you step further in to the Windows 7 part of the site the makeover is consistent…I like the fact there is much more whitespace on the site, fonts are pretty uniform and there is some bold photography.



Just before publishing this I noticed that the Engadget had posted a piece on the Windows 7 videos that just got released. Interesting to note that the videos seem to use a newer desktop wallpaper than the RC that has been seen in some leaked builds.

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  1. Nice job of the USA site but checked anfd the UK seems miles behind at they still have windows live search up and nothing on the landing page for Bing or Windows 7. Maybe give them a call and tell them about the new products 🙂

    By the way been using windows 7 since RC1 came out on my Dell XPS M1530 and is working like a dream, best OS I have ever used hands down (have even started to convince Mac friends to turn back when its released !!)

    All the best


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