How To Make Bing Your Default Search Provider


I’ve been looking for the add-on for IE8 to make Bing my default search provider and just noticed a Tweet from Ravi about precisely that. Grab it from

[update] thanks to Long Zheng you can also add Bing to your search providers for Firefox

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  1. northerngeek says:

    I have found Bing to be a very good search engine, but does nobody else find it infuriating that the UK version doesn’t have half of the features? Even international information such as Wikipedia’s enhanced view isn’t present… shame.

  2. austinavery says:

    ya this is very good search engine.but Bing is default search provider today.

  3. Dave Kitson says:

    It’s very easy on Firefox – simply set the search engine to Live Search and it will automatically re-direct to

  4. download free ebooks says:

    I just tried it and and It works with IE7 when you choose the search enginine from the list tab next to the search button.

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