A Thorough Lesson In New Media from Wired


As one commenter on this (very) long thread noted, this post and its comments will likely become a staple on the syllabus for media studies in years to come.

I love Wired magazine and I think Wired.com is brilliant. In a post titled Welcome, Wired. We call this land "Internet", Joel Johnson opened up a debate about the future of both that is stunning. Largely because all of the players have joined the fray in what is perhaps the most open, honest and frank discussion about the future of new and old (aka print) media you will see. Chris Anderson, Kevin Kelly, Leander Kahney…all big players at Wired over the years.

If they have any sense, they’ll put this in a future edition of Wired.

One particularly intriguing quote I liked is from Leander


the mag's ad troubles stem from the collapsed car industry. More than 50 percent of Wired's ads were automotive -- the old economy propping up the new


Take note Wired UK.

For that it’s worth, I hope Wired is around for a long time as though there is some irony on a publication that had such long lead times talking about “the future” as it unfolds daily on the web, I also agree with Kevin Kelly that

Wired magazine will be among the last print magazines to go because they exploit the merits of paper more than most magazines.

I hope to anyway.

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  1. Brighty says:

    Maybe they should take advantage of online and offline – Paper + Web if they want to carry on existing as a hardcopt publication, such as recently seen augmented reality stuff from Mini and Night at the Museum 2?

    Or is it just a gimic that will die off?

    I think there is life in it so long as people keep innovating. Similar to the sunday papers giving away ‘free’ cd’s and DVD’s, the return to the user has to be right. Ignoring print in favour of online only may be a missed opportunity, at least in the short term. The smart thinkers will keep innovating ways to tie the 2 worlds together.

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