A Visual History of the Internet


Click for the bigger version – I love this. A history of my career in many way from about 1990

hat tip to Dataviz

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  1. Bauer says:

    I wish i could say it had to do something with my career $)

    Nice overview.

  2. Herb Kim says:

    Steve, I saw the listing for AltaVista and thought they should do a graphic for top missed opportunities.

    Was amazed to see that AV.com still alive. Dug a bit deeper and then also saw they hadn’t issued any news or releases since 2003.

    I guess they’re living in a state of suspended animation. Wonder if anyone actually still uses it with any regularity? The users must be like those WWII Japanese pilots they used to find living in Pacific island caves 30 years after the war was over 🙁

  3. Hi, my name is Pierre Paperon and I’m the former international and Europe VP for AV for year 2000.

    Neverseen such a failure with a so high potential …

    Interestingly and to answer to your point above, a survey was made a year ago (2008) by a newspaper (Le Figaro) and the result was kind of awsome :

    AV : 8/10

    Google : 7,5

    Search Live : 6

    Yahoo : 5

    Voilà (French player) : 4

    Criteria were : relevancy, freshness, comprehensiveness (classic stuff for search engines).

    Amazing, isn’t it ?


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