Zune Pass Takes it to Apple’s Wallet


Now Zune is going after Apple where it hurts most right now – in the wallet. the Zune pass is sadly not available for my imported Zune but it if was I’d be using it. $15 a month for as much music as you like.

Check out the video of Wes Moss

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=684af04d-ab7a-4eef-ac52-bfcb127036a5" target="_new" title="Zune-Capacity">Video: Zune-Capacity</a>


hat tip to Liveside

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  1. Paul Dawson says:

    MS need to get Zune out globally. At the very least, provide support for those dedicated or enthused enough to get themselves one out through US customs.

    It would help get the name out, build credibility and of course, give us a nice easy way to get some music!

  2. Vincent Sorel says:

    Hey Steve,

    Any idea if MS plans to release Zune in the UK at some point?

  3. northerngeek says:

    You can get the Zune pass working in the UK with the prepaid cards… bit of a hassle but it works 😉 I’d send a spare code but I expect a MS employee can get them easily enough.

    I was showing my Zune to a friend today at hospital, they loved it, surprisingly the guy behind me then pulled out a 120GB version of his own… who knew Liverpool was such a centre of Zune ownership? We have more Zunes that Ohio by now 😉

    P.S. Love the advert, not sure how effective it’ll be but it’s a well deserved poke in the eye for Apple’s a la carte model

  4. doesn’t surprise me to see Liverpool is the hotbed for Zune activity in the UK. it’s always lead the way 🙂

  5. Sound of reason says:

    Yes, iTunes is the anti-christ.

    Or the whole spiel is irrelevant as those who buy a Zune or any MP3 player will rip / torrent much of their content.

    Moreover, when I stop paying my $15 a month, what am I left with? No music at all, that’s what.

    As [holy music] Bill Gates said, "[you] should just buy a CD and rip it. You are legal then."

    Or nick it from Pirate Bay…

  6. stevecla01 says:

    ahh, sound of reason (or should I call you sound of apple?)….nice to have you back 🙂

  7. Sound of reason says:

    Sound of Apple?

    Do feel free to address the points instead of deflecting with jibes.

  8. I have no comment to add on advocating piracy

  9. Sound of reason says:

    I’m not advocating piracy either, or expecting you to be drawn on the subject.

    I’m stating the truth of what many consumers do. The point is about the fallacy comparison of a subscription service that leaves you with no music at the end.

    If you ignore that, then your ads will bomb as consumers can’t relate. They’ll look at the $15,000 headline cost and think "that’s a crock" – and then you’ve lost them.

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