Microsoft BizSpark: 12,000 Startups and Growing

Back in December I went to Liverpool’s first BarCamp and provided some sponsorship for the event so I was asked if I’d like to say a few words on the Saturday afternoon. The only thing I tried to “sell” to the audience as BizSpark which given it doesn’t really cost anything means it’s a good sell (you pay $100 when exiting BizSpark).

Back then the program had only just launched but already BizSpark has served 12 000 software startups. Pretty impressive so if you’re a startup and you haven’t look at or even heard of BizSpark, maybe now is the time. It gets you access to a tonne of Microsoft software, potentially reducing your startup costs massively.

As the website says


BizSpark is available in 82 countries around the world, and, interestingly enough, we’ve seen significant uptake in countries like Brazil, Russia, China and India (4 out of the top 6 countries in terms of enrollment).


For more information about BizSpark, or if you want to join, visit or email the team at You can also follow BizSpark on twitter of course

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