Windows 7 Release Candidate Now Available


The Release Candidate is now available on Technet and MSDN if you’re a subscriber – try the link you need from the list below as they seem to be working well vs. the main pages.


Technet Subscribers

MSDN Subscribers


May 5th for general availability and remember to grab a key for your install! If you’re waiting til he 5th, maybe a good idea to get a key now.

[update] - now with official announcement at Prespass. Brandon must be sleeping 😉 it’s up on Techmeme now too

Comments (11)

  1. SvenC says:

    Can’t sign in to subscriber downloads.

    Seems like your download capacities imploded 😉

  2. GT says:

    If there are too many people on MSDN, just show a page that say’s please come back later, instead of the current one “page not available :-)”

  3. Rob Seder says:

    MSDN is destroyed, I haven’t been able to get into subscriber downloads for the last couple of hours!!

    Meanwhile, in the post – you pointed to the site where you can get BETA keys, will those work with the RC? Or is there is a different place to get RC keys??

  4. Keith Patrick says:

    My subscription expires at the end of today, so this lack of access is pretty infuriating to me (not to mention the inability of customer support to do anything more than escalate and apologize)

  5. SJKP says:

    MSDN fallen over on it’s arse……

    Positive spin: how amazing is it that so many people want Win7 and this just the technies, what will it be like on the 5th…

    Negative Spin: what did you think was going to happen, surely you could have a more graceful experience given that you are positioning your future for the web…

  6. Linley Meslier says:

    It seems that the ppage has been removed?

  7. stevecla01 says:

    folks…I know MSDN and Technet are taking the heat which is good and bad (for the reasons SKKP mentions).

    click on the individual links for the build you need as they seem to work more reliably than the first link I put…which I am now removing to avoid the hassle

  8. SJKP says:

    The boxes have been kicked, the cables pulled and…


  9. Abe says:

    I see all Windows versions but not a single Build number – I read about 7100, 7102, and 7106 – which is which, can anyone say?

  10. Hai says:

    How to download it. I signed in, but download buton ia hidden.

  11. stevecla01 says:


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