Cloud Computing in 70 seconds

At mashup* Cloud Computing this evening in London we couldn’t get to a definition of cloud computing in over 2 hours so here’s Bob Muglia talking about it in 70 seconds.

Bob doesn’t necessarily define it but he gives some of the characteristics that help define cloud computing. As I opined tonight (quite passionately at times), hosting is not cloud computing, virtualisation is not cloud computing and SaaS is not cloud computing. They can all be delivered using a cloud computing platform but to use the terms synonymously with cloud is wrong I think.

One opinion I heard tonight was that anything delivered through a browser is cloud computing. No wonder all the consultancy firms are dashing around offering opinions and selling their views 🙂

Comments (1)

  1. Des Browne says:

    I would have defined it as geographically located compute power available through the internet. It may be virtualized, have fault tolerant scale-out, allow you to run SaaS, etc, but at its core I think the previous statement holds.

    Ultimately it has turned into a buzzword, and hence the definition will be whatever the marketing types need it to be. Which is making life difficult for those trying to ascertain wether Cloud Computing makes sense for there business.

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