DeepZoomPix from Microsoft: Explore Photos Like Never Before


Regular readers will have seen me post before about Silverlight, Azure and our DeepZoom technology….but never altogether, until now.

DeepZoomPix is a demonstration of these 3 technologies combined. What’s more, it’s something you can play with now to interactively explore and share your photos like never before. Thomas Hawk should be all over this. I’m hoping to get my pal Hugh using it for a new project of his and maybe even my favourite London galley, Nelly Duff.

So what is it?

  • An easy way to navigating a large number of images regardless of Internet connection quality.
  • A “tactile” way of exploring and interacting with photographic images on the web.
  • Dynamic zoomability on photos without having to navigate to higher resolution versions
  • Directly access photos from Facebook, Flickr or any photo RSS feed and share your DeepZoomPix creation with the world through your blog or website.


It’s sort of easier to see than explain so check out and be sure to look at the beautiful new layout options…here is my collection of Hugh’s cartoons.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

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  1. Picturepan2 says:

    And dont forget the Project Mooncake. DeepZoomPix is partily based on Mooncake. 😛

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