Twikini for Windows Mobile


Twikini is a new Twitter client for Windows Mobile…and it’s pretty nice too. Small footprint, simple options and several themes to choose from. Oh and it has Twitpic integration

Download the .CAB file

Comments (1)

  1. Thomas Ho says:

    I just installed Twikini on my Sprint Mogul (Windows Mobile 6.1) and my initial impression is very favorable. It seems to run very "fast" and is stable. I’ve been using PockeTwit and already I prefer Twikini. Twikini is "just in time" because I had been using Tweetie on my (1st-gen) iPod touch, BUT my iPod touch is in need of a hard reset (after the semester is over 🙂 so Twikini should get a real "workout" from me during the next month. Stand by.

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