I’ve Arrived in 2010…You’ll Like It Here

A pretty interesting deck from my pal Kris – some slightly scary stats such as


  • By 2010 Microsoft predicts people will spend over 2.5 days a month on the Internet

Does the title of my post make sense now? 🙂

There are some other insightful stats too, not least the deep penetration of Internet access in the Nordics. I’ve been saying for a few years that we ought to trial more of our services up there as it’s where the savvy folks live.

You can take a look at the full study on Scribd and like Kris, I found this part the most enlightening (and true)

“Broadband has changed everything.  And it’s not speed of access that has made the biggest impact, its having a direct connection that is always on. This has changed the internet experience dramatically. It’s no longer a disruptive experience where people have their PC in the backroom of the house and where they use a dial-up connection a couple times a day to do some specific tasks. Now, the PC has moved to centre stage in the kitchen or living room where it does not interfere in the family conversation or TV viewing but is integrated into everything we do.”


So, so true….2 years ago we’d rarely have had a laptop in the lounge and my parents NEVER would but now, we sit and watch TV with one or even two laptops in use. That’s perhaps not that surprising given the work I do but when I went home to my parents recently and they had the same setup, with the laptop on the lounge coffee table always on even I was taken aback.


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