Isaac Mizrahi and Windows Phones


Okay so maybe not everyone knows who fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi is but it caught my eye during our announcements at CTIA Wireless in Vegas today. Seems like he’ll be sprucing up some new Windows Phones with a touch of catwalk style soon. Sadly no photos so I’ll have to suffice with an image of the forthcoming Facebook app for Windows Phones (developed by a pal of mine as it happens…).

We’ve also hooked up with the Design Museum London and Council of Fashion Designers of America – the former is a super cool design museum/shop/exhibition space that I’m a member of back in the smoke. The very same places that worships the ground upon which Jony Ive walks.

Hats off to the teams…though I wish the Faceook app was available now and that the Mizrahi phones were visible. We still have some stuff to learn from Apple keynotes it seems.

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