Decoding that Microsoft 2019 video

The video Stephen Elop showed at The Wharton School a few weeks back has had a lot of coverage on the web and has been a popular page on this blog. Long found a longer, 5 minute version of the video (above) and when I look at that video and see the innovation can bring to market it reminds me why I am still here. Like Long I *love* the electronic newspaper in this longer video. What also struck me was the music and the production quality of this video.

I decided to go back and look at the video of the entire event though and was surprised (and very pleased) to see Stephen spent much of his talk “decoding” the video and showing the audience in detail that it wasn’t a work of science fiction and that many (all?) of the cool tech show in the video is already in Microsoft’s labs. What is also VERY cool is to see Stephen use PPTPlex to walk people through a set of slides in a way I have never seen a Microsoft exec do. Sure, some of my pals in the front line of sales do this but to see a big cheese doing it gives me hope that our days of death by PowerPoint bullets could be numbered. It’s rare I spend 36 minutes watching any video on the web but this was worth it.

If you work in a Microsoft product team and you’re reading this, Elop’s guys just set a new bar for “wow” videos.

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  1. Very cool. Just think – only 10 years ago we were still renting movies from physical stores.

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