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[update 1: if you want the full 5m version go to Elop's speech and click on 15mins in]

[update 2: Long also has this on his site

Predicting the future of technology is notoriously hard – but it didn’t stop our Business Division from coming up with a montage of how technology could be playing an even greater part in our lives in 2019. It was shown today for the first time when Stephen Elop presented at the Wharton Business Technology Conference.

You can also check out Stephen’s PowerPoint slides which are a welcome departure from the bullet point riddled slides you often see from Microsoft. Bravo Stephen.

I love these types of videos – all very Minority Report. When I look at some of the technology on display at Microsoft Research’s TechFest this week it makes me feel that this stuff is much closer than many of us expect and it’s great to see Microsoft continuing to invest in this type of research to build the future of technology.

Sure we’re behind in search and Apple has a lovely phone thing etc etc….but there are very few companies who are making these types of bets to build the future of technology in such a broad way.

Personally, I think our challenge is to take these bets and turn them in to more and more stunning products more quickly in the way we have with something like Microsoft Surface…and then gather up the pixie dust that comes from that computing magic and sprinkle it on the Microsoft brand. Make people love Microsoft with technology that stuns them. It’s a long and tricky road but one that I personally believe is possible.

Hmmm, we’re back to Blue Monster again aren’t we…. 🙂

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  1. Nice!!!

    But you’re still not following me on twitter, Steve. What’s up with that?


  2. Quikboy says:

    That’s a pretty uplifting video of how technology can work in the distant future.

    Is there a way I can download the actual video file?

  3. northerngeek says:

    This future isn’t so distant, however I am a fan of Raymond Kurzweil’s theories that our technological progress is exponentially growing year on year. How do you get from the progress we’ve seen in desktop computing since 1999 to this though? Even doubling it?

    It’s odd that the people who see these videos are not making or demanding the paradigm changes in UI design that we all get wowed by in the clips. I love WPF but there are very few companies taking advantage of it, my major hope there is that it has been worries about Vista market share that caused this and people will swarm to develop WPF and similar UI experiences once W7 becomes a success.

    Time will tell but sadly even though I am an optimist I can’t see these being the technical changes that happen. I think we’re at the stage now where a mobile phone was in the late 80’s with devices like the Kindle, in 5 years we’ll be where we were in 2000 so people will start getting them for regular use (a la Nokia 3210 + Snake) and by 2019 we’ll be seeing the use of eBooks replace normal books- and that will be a great start, but I haven’t seen the beginnings of traction for technologies use yet in healthcare systems etc.

  4. Nick says:

    Is there anyway we can download the full 5 min "Vision" in really good quality?



  5. Brijesh says:

    Sweet vision. Just that it may come a little earlier, eh?

  6. Stock share says:

    wow.. thats great to see. very interesting.

  7. stevecla01 says:

    not that I know of at the moment Nick 🙁

  8. wreiad says:

    Use Firefox’s download helper.

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