How To Stand Out At Work


Like Marc I enjoyed the guest post on Chris Brogan’s blog titled Are you anonymous at work? Marc put the list if 10 items on his blog with some of his own comments in brackets and I’ll do the same here…but really you just need to read the original post. It’s one of those I wish I’d written


  1. See work. (figure out who you can shape your role by adding stuff, not subtracting)
  2. On time. (it’s just good manners really)
  3. Be perfect. (I like the example of grammar. pay attention to the never know when it’ll count)
  4. Can do (it’s a state of mind. most people don’t have it. differentiate yourself by not being one of them)
  5. Do the job no one else wants. (I often advise people to find a niche….and then become the expert. you’ll stand out.)
  6. Be sales minded.
  7. Customer-focused. (I’ve found you get heard more often if you can bring a real live customer perspective)
  8. Always improve. (be self critical. it’s bloody hard when you’re brilliant but go on,  force yourself)
  9. Don’t whine, gossip or complain. (and avoid those that do – they’re negative energy)
  10. Become an evangelist. (be the expert. write the blog. go to the conference. own your topic. it’ll get you your next job)


thanks for the list guys. one I can definitely re-use and point a few people to….it’s also good inspiration for my forthcoming series of 10 things I learned in 11 years at Microsoft.

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